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Hey there, I'm Von, your not-so-average girl with a flair for the unconventional.


My hobbies? Oh, just the usual—beach strolls (best after serenading the fish with a symphony of a soon to be dead man’s scream... long story), and DIY projects. Ever cuddled a C4-stuffed pillow? You're missing out.


My family is what I think most people would consider normal. A doting father, loving mother, twin older brothers who are a pain in my ass, the usual. Yeah we have a family business that requires you to know how to shoot a gun, bribe officials, and pay off the cops, but everyone’s family does that.


As for me, I've dipped my toes in... let's call it 'creative entrepreneurship'. Hypothetically speaking, I might be the go-to arms dealer for half the globe's criminals. To spice up my life a bit I decided to help a friend out. She has her hands full after dismantling the top two mafia families. So as her blood oath bestie, I’m gonna tie up some loose ends and hunt down two hidden heirs of the Accardi Family.


This will be a piece of cake. They don’t call me ‘The Wolf’ for nothing.

One For The Money

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