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Omegaverse Books

Knot Now Knot Ever: Part One

If you're looking for Eli's happy ever after, you're in the right place!

Lyra’s life hasn’t been all sunshine and roses, she knows what it means to be alone after losing her parents at a young age. Witnessing the devastation her mother experienced after losing her bonded Alphas made one thing clear to Lyra. Scent matching isn’t for her.

No archaic rules or a fluke of biology is going to tell her who to love. Not now and not ever. Friendship, compatibility, and hard work are the best way to find people to spend your life with. But all of it means nothing when her pack meets their scent matched Omega. Suddenly Lyra wasn’t wanted. Thrown out of their lives and completely alone, Lyra is forced to start over—again.

When a job offer in a city where no one knows her name seems too perfect to be true, Lyra jumps on it. Really, who would turn down the chance to be an executive assistant at one of the most powerful companies in the country. Getting away from the pack who broke her heart was just an added bonus.

But her first encounter with the person she’d been hired to work for doesn’t go as planned. Her new boss… is one of her Alpha scent matches. This brings Lyra face to face with the past she’s been running from her entire life. The more she lets them in, the more Lyra realizes she might be wrong—wrong about everything.

Maybe scent matches aren’t just a fluke. Maybe they’re the only thing that matters.

This book does contain the possibility of MPreg, if you would like to learn more about this concept please check out this article: What Is Mpreg?

Content consideration: conversations of past loss of parents, trauma from past car accident, conversations about mental health and medication, intrusive thoughts, MM, Mpreg breeding kink (pregnancy doesn't happen but is possible), references to past drug addiction and abuse, hypersexuality, use of sex toys, mention of suicide (past death of a loved one not main character related) MMF threesome, polyamorous harem, group sex, dirty talk

Bailey-Rose Duet - Complete

Clouds & Daydreams is going to be the omegaverse so sweet it gives you cavities!

Sweet artist omega Bailey-Rose is dumped by the only man she thought would love her because of her congenital heart condition. Cut off from being able to participate in the national Scent Matching services Bailey-Rose has decided she will be single for life after this heartbreak.

In a surprising turn of events who should show up in the middle of her pity party but her brothers best friend. Unbeknownst to her, Ulysses has moved back to town after years of traveling for work. Not only is Bailey-Rose stunned to find him in her room looking like a broken hearted trash panda—but discovers they are a scent-match.

Now all that's left to do is meet the rest of the pack and pray they won't see her as the broken Omega the world keeps telling her she is. Will it be worth it to try love one more time? To risk putting her fragile heart in the hands of men she's never met?

So begins the story of learning what real unconditional love looks like.

Trigger warnings: medical trauma, talk of past death of a sibling, cheating (outside the harem), attempted kidnapping, cliffhanger

Knot All Is Lost Duet

Being an Omega used to be the dream everyone wanted. Now it’s a nightmare.

Packs are a thing of the past, blackmarket dealers kidnap Omegas off the street, and the ones that escape are little better than pawns for the government to control.

So when my designation revealed itself in the worst situation possible, I ran. Or I tried to. While trying to escape, I found myself in an even worse fate at the hands of my abuser— my father. Now that he knows I’m an Omega he sees me as nothing more than a commodity, locking me away until he could legally sell me to the highest bidder.

Risking death, I take my one and only chance to break free. My only hope now is to seek help in the only place I think I can trust. And I find more than just shelter. I find love, affection, and the pack I always dreamed of having. But Omegas are still the most coveted object in this world that’s as broken as I am; and even the men who’ve started to heal my heart may not be able to save me.

Reader Content Warning- this book contains emotional & physical abuse by parent, references to past suicide attempt, PTSD, knotting, group sex, anal, threesome, foursome, age gap 18 - 38, praise kink, male dom, heat, MM

Knot All Is Ruined Duet

They told us we’d be helping our country.

That we’d be preventing war.

It was all one big fat lie and we believed it—until it was too late.

Waking up on a bus headed for a war-torn country was just the beginning of the nightmare I couldn’t wake up from. They’d told us during our time in the Omega Care Center there was a chance we might be sent to another country if we didn’t find a pack. They didn’t say we’d be drugged and put on this bus sent to be breeders for a war that would never end.

Here they didn’t see us as human, only a tool to produce more soldiers whether we liked it or not. I learned quickly that my stubborn streak was going to make the difference between letting this new life destroy me or surviving long enough to escape.

Unfortunately my fighting nature and refusal to submit is what attracted the attention of the very people I wanted to avoid. Now I’m being sent off to a remote military outpost close to the front lines, to be the personal breeder of the General’s heir and Commander of the Northern army.

Will I be able to survive in a world that sees Omegas as less than human? Am I strong enough to keep fighting when the world keeps telling me to submit?

It better be, because I’m going to prove once and for all that not all Omegas are weak. I will not let this ruin me, I will survive even if I have to take the whole army down.

Content Warning: physical abuse, dubious consent, war violence, knotting, sword crossing, fertility struggles, human trafficking, group sex, DP (double penetration)

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