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Dual Nature

I’m a killer.

A trained and skilled assassin, and I’ve never missed a target.

My newest hit is human, a New York socialite, with a reputation for keeping supernatural beings as pets. Caging them and performing unspeakable acts on them. Even the United Senate wants her dead. Which is where I come into play. I’m given the contract for killing her.

Only nothing goes to plan. In the midst of a violent and bloody attack, I’m bitten by a wolf. An omega, who’s the complete opposite of me, in everything. By the laws of the Senate, I’m no longer a human or an assassin. I’m a werewolf.

Dual natured, my life will never be the same. I need to quickly learn how to balance my years of experience as a detached killer with my new submissive side. The side that needs the care and nurturing of my pack.

Colt, Lane, Zander, Morgan, Noah, and Elias are my new Alphas and Betas. They run the largest Tennessee wolf pack. They treat me like I’m a rare, and precious wolf, but it's in my nature to fight my own battles. Danger is coming at me from all sides. I need to claim my place and accept who I am while trusting them with the truth of who I used to be.

Reader Warnings: strong language, sexual situations, knotting, rut, dub-con, physical & verbal abuse (not main characters), spanking, trafficking, killing, torture, drug use (not main characters), ends on a cliffhanger.

Elizabeth Knight - Omega Assassins - Book 2 v3 copy.jpg

Hidden Nature



And now Elf. Just how many different roles can I play?

The mission the Organization sent me on to atone for failing the last one turned out to be a trap. The whole thing had been a set up in the hopes of selling me off in an auction run by the Dark Ring. What I don’t know is who was behind setting the trap. The more I learn, the more I come to discover that the world I thought I knew is all lies.

Unsure of who to trust, I lean on the men who found their way into my heart and refuse to leave. My mates are learning their new roles as I’m learning to control my magic. My Guide, and newest mate, is an elf and the only one who can teach me what it means to have this new power. Unfortunately if anyone learns what I’m truly capable of, I’ll become an even bigger target than I already am.

As we try to figure out our next move it becomes clear that the more we dig, the more we uncover, and none of it is good.

Is our current way of life worth saving, or is it better to tear it all down and start again? Are there even people out there worthy to lead the supernatural world? How did these questions and their outcome fall on my shoulders?

Together the eight of us will fight to protect what’s ours no matter what we uncover or whose lives we have to take in the process.

Reader Warnings: killing, supernatural trafficking, swearing, sex, knotting, group sex, twins (no mm), talk about past abuse of harem member, large harem

Elizabeth Knight - Perfect Nature Book 3 eBook.jpg

Prefect Nature

Once feared Assassin.

Rare omega werewolf.

Newly discovered Queen of the light elves.

All these identities come together to create the perfect storm of vengeance.

With a magical contract in place, I bet my life and those of my men on the destruction of the United Senate and the Dark Ring. With everything to lose my men finally see who they are mated too as I slowly destroy the darkness in our world from the ground up. They think because I’m an omega I won’t stand up and fight, but they don’t know just how far I’m willing to go. The bigger they are, the harder they fall as the saying goes. 

Secrets are revealed as I call the elves out of the shadows to take their place once more in the world. It’s time to call in all my favors, make new allies, and use each role I’ve been bestowed to bring this fight right to their doorstep. Their rule was going to end and a new world was going to be created, hopefully one that learned from our past mistakes.

Can I save this world and protect those I love most? Only fate knows the answer, but I’m not backing down no matter what I find in the darkness along the way.

Reader Warnings: torture, human trafficking, assassinations, death, vampire blood play, knotting, anal, group sex, mouth knotting, rut, talk of past trauma to some of the harem members, slavery, twins (no mm)

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