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I’m a fighter. It’s just what I do.

No seriously—like literally that’s what I do. I’m a survivor.


I’m sure you’re singing the Destiny's Child song in your head right now, but believe me when I say I wish that was my situation. If you ever get into a tight spot, need money desperately, and you're forced to make a deal with the local crime boss aka The Broker… read the damn contract. Especially when that crime boss is a leprechaun.


Not reading the contract is how I ended up becoming a cage fighter for the little green goblin to work off my debt. The thing is, when you’re a human running in the supernatural side of town, your luck is bound to run out.


Which mine did, in one horrible night I never saw coming as a nightmare from my childhood reappears. Seems my luck hasn’t run out just yet, as two unlikely guardian angels appear to save me. Apparently I’d caught the eye of the Savage Pride MC. The Broker’s number one rival.

To save me they had to break a few rules, now my life is once more changed forever. Only this time I now have people who will fight for me, and with me, when the monsters of my past come to claim me.

Nicolette : Paranormal MC

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