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When the Syndicate calls to collect their debt— Omegas are given no choice but to succeed…or die trying.


I’m never taken by surprise. Being a con artist in the world of the glamorous and famous, bending rich men to my whim is my job. So when I wake up in a strange apartment, in a city I vowed never to return to, and being anonymously blackmailed? Not on my list of ‘top favorite things’ to happen to me. I’ve become the puppet instead of the puppet master.


The mysterious and deadly Underground Omega Syndicate needs me to do a job whether I want to or not. They’ve uncovered every dark secret I have, and made sure I knew it, flaunting it wherever they can. If I don’t play my part, follow their orders, and complete the task in time… they will destroy me in every way possible.


So that’s how I became the new executive assistant to the CEO of a top end security company. My boss, Halsted Norlund, an attractive silver fox of a CEO, doesn’t warm to people easily. The only people he truly trusts are his two business partners, Quintin Price and Kerian Lewis, who are both watching me just as closely. The three Alphas I have to work with… are a bigger threat to me than the Syndicate in a way I never saw coming.


No matter what happens or how I feel about these men, I can't fail.


There’s no other option, because it’s my life that hangs in the balance.


The real question is: Can I con my heart into thinking this is just another job? Or will my life be blown up, one way or another?

Lying Lainey: Dark Omegaverse Standalone

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