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They told us we’d be helping our country.


That we’d be preventing war.


It was all one big fat lie and we believed it—until it was too late.


Waking up on a bus headed for a war-torn country was just the beginning of the nightmare I couldn’t wake up from. They’d told us during our time in the Omega Care Center there was a chance we might be sent to another country if we didn’t find a pack. They didn’t say we’d be drugged and put on this bus sent to be breeders for a war that would never end.

Here they didn’t see us as human, only a tool to produce more soldiers whether we liked it or not. I learned quickly that my stubborn streak was going to make the difference between letting this new life destroy me or surviving long enough to escape.

Unfortunately my fighting nature and refusal to submit is what attracted the attention of the very people I wanted to avoid. Now I’m being sent off to a remote military outpost close to the front lines, to be the personal breeder of the General’s heir and Commander of the Northern army.

Will I be able to survive in a world that sees Omegas as less than human? Am I strong enough to keep fighting when the world keeps telling me to submit?

It better be, because I’m going to prove once and for all that not all Omegas are weak. I will not let this ruin me, I will survive even if I have to take the whole army down.

Knot All Is Ruined

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