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Everything changed the day a black dragon was born…


Cassarah is trapped in the life of being a noble woman whose family is looked down upon. Why you may ask? Because they earned their title rather as payment, rather than being born to the privilege. On the day Cassarah goes to court, finally about to be accepted by society, fate takes the reins and lands her on the hot sands of the Dragon Roost during a hatching.


When the black dragon chooses Cassarah and places his mark on her, they are bonded for life. Being claimed by this majestic creature is only the start of the adventure as secrets about her family's heritage come to light. Not only had her ancestors never been noble blood, they’d been mercenaries. A people who have been hunted down to the point of near extinction, but all that is about to change now that the black dragon has been born.


Will Cassarah be able to shake off the shackles of her noble upbringing to be the savior these people need? Or will the lies and abuse she suffered at the hands of her mother keep her from spreading her wings?

Mercenary Queen Series

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