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Millville, the small town where I’d grown up and lived for the past twenty-one years, had nothing interesting about it other than the dusty scarecrow in Creepy Ned’s field. That might have been why I didn’t have any aspirations of a noteworthy life in my future.


After I landed a scholarship overseas, I learned that Ryevick University had more to it than pretty buildings, and a happening student life. It was full of secrets that only curious people who paid attention to it might discover.


Tales of Demons walking among us, taking human form, and wanting to claim this world for their leaders abounded. With the law of free will holding back the angels from interceding on humanity’s behalf, they had to come up with a plan to stop the evil.


So they created the Elementi, or more specifically, Elementi Warriors. Blessed knights, each gifted with an elemental power to fight the demons and keep everyone safe.


But as with every gift, or exchange, there is fine print. The warriors must remain pure and diligent to their calling if they were to receive the ultimate weapon in the time of humanity’s great need.

This promised weapon, that has the ability to defeat the demons, was dubbed Synergy– the highest power known to men and heaven alike.


But over the years, as the knights search for it, they’ve started to question what if Synergy isn’t just a weapon at all?


At least, that’s how the legend goes…

Elementi Series

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