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What happens when a Daddy’s girl grows up to be crowned the first female underboss of the mafia?


What an excellent question, thank you so much for asking.


No seriously, I've been waiting twenty years to be able to answer this. Trust me, being hidden away in another country with a nanny, a groundskeeper, his son (my ex best friend), and the wicked witch of the west aka—my stepmother. I’m dying to spill the tea.

All my life I’ve been told there were big plans for me, that one day I would be called back home where I would take my place next to my father, Calmazio Caprioni—the king of the mafia. For the past twenty years I’ve been trained—more like tortured if you ask me. Educated by the best and kept in the loop of all things having to do with the Caprioni family business.


Now it’s my twenty-fifth birthday and it’s time for mama to come back home. Leaving behind my hobby as a thief of the rich and famous, I’m ready to storm the gates of the family castle, ruffle some feathers, and stab some haters. This boss-ass-beeyach isn’t taking crap from anyone, while looking damn good doing it. The world is changing and I wouldn’t want them to forget that this broad is now in charge, high heels and all.


Don’t like it?


Get a number and step in line, I’m sharpening my knives just for you.

Caprioni Queen Series

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