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A Siren of Beasts

Series is on Hold

No one ever grows up thinking that they want to be a toy for a rich master, but sometimes life just leaves no choice.

Abandoned on the steps of a brothel, I grew up not expecting much from human kind. I knew what my life would be and it wasn’t mine to control. No options, no opinions, no climax, and no freedom. Catching the eye of the prince and being whisked away to luxury was no rescue. A cage made of gold and jewels is still a cage. 

So when the prince is shipped off to another kingdom, I, as his slave, will go with him. Adventure is the one thing I’ve always craved, and I think I’ve found a spark of hope—until it all comes crashing down. An avenging storm that seemed determined to destroy the ship, left me fighting for my life and pleading to the gods for a rescue. When I thought all was lost I awoke to find myself in the care of strangers in a foreign land. I thought I was safe until they saw my eyes and called me a monster.

Why did the gods save me just to let me die here? What dangers hide in the misted forest of this strange land? And why do I finally feel both safe and free when I’m surrounded by danger?

I feel a pull to the eyes I see gleaming in the darkness. The monsters. Every question I ask? They answer. I never believed I would peace at all, especially among the teeth, claws, fur, and tentacles of those that call me theirs. I want to stay here forever. 

If the past doesn’t find me first…

Content Warning: Enslaved prostitution, Sexual slavery (not harem related), Monster violence, funky monster peen, insta-lust, soul mates, claws & blood play, lots of cum ( I mean buckets), tentacles, knotting, mouth knotting, massive dick, size difference

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